Statement of Daniel M. Kotin, The Chicago Bar Association President, on Governor Rauner's Remarks on Judges


In response to Tuesday's court victory by Comptroller Mendoza regarding state employee payroll checks, Governor Rauner criticized the ruling and then made the off-the-cuff comment, "Our state judges are, you know, sometimes part of the problem."

While our organization is apolitical we will not offer comments on the partisan debacle which is on-going in Springfield, we cannot remain silent when the Governor makes comments like these which impugns the integrity and independence of our judiciary.

It is all too easy, and totally inappropriate, for the Governor, or elected officials, to use our judiciary as scapegoats for the political losses, particularly since our judges are ethically prohibited from responding.

The fact that Governor Rauner's "official statement" omitted this comment about the judge does not correct the wrong-doing. You cannot "un-ring the bell." His comments were heard by all.