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By Shawn Kasserman Cough syrup can contain a myriad of ingredients to help alleviate pain, cough, or general discomfort; morphine is not typically one of those ingredients, but it was found in Ma Ying Long Pharmaceutical Group’s over-the-counter Licorice Coughing … Continue reading

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By Shawn Kasserman From the allegedly biased trials to supposedly hidden results, there is no shortage of issues surrounding Xarelto and how it came to be a mainstream drug. Unfortunately, the concerning information just keeps piling up; the most recent suggests that … Continue reading

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By Shawn Kasserman Though helpful in alleviating the symptoms of a common cold, infection, or allergies, an overdose of Guaifenesin can lead to serious and potentially fatal side effects. Children with certain health conditions are especially susceptible. This makes a … Continue reading

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