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By Shawn Kasserman

falling objects, Chicago construction negligence lawyerEach year, around 4,000 construction workers are fatally injured on the job. Falling objects – tools, equipment, debris, and more – are responsible for approximately eight percent of those deaths, making them one of the most common causes of worker fatality. They are so common, in fact, that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have named them as one of construction’s “Fatal Four.” Yet records from the agency show that failure to provide protection from injury is one of the most commonly cited violations at work sites throughout the United States.

Failure to Provide Protection


crane accidents, Chicago construction accident lawyersThe use of power equipment and heavy machinery have enabled faster, easier work for construction companies, which has, in turn, increased their profits and productivity. Unfortunately, foreman, subcontractors, and other responsible individuals still cut corners, fail to follow all safety regulations, and put both workers and the general public at risk. Construction crane accidents can especially dangerous and often have catastrophic consequences, yet they remain one of the most common types of construction accidents in the United States.

Crane Accidents Occur at an Alarming Rate

In the United States, approximately 125,000 cranes are currently being used in the construction industry. Another 80,000-100,000 cranes are thought to be in use in the general and maritime industries. All of them are regulated with rules regarding when and how they should be operated and secured; yet collapses still happen at an alarming rate.


injured construction workers, Chicago personal injury attorneysOf all the jobs in existence, construction workers have one of the most dangerous. On a daily basis, they are exposed to biohazards like dust and asbestos, and prone to injuries from power tools, heights, equipment, electricity, environmental hazards, and heavy falling objects. To reduce the risk of injury from these hazards, there are numerous safety policies and procedures that contractors, property owners, foreman, construction firms, and even the workers themselves must follow. Unfortunately, some take shortcuts (otherwise known as construction negligence) and put countless lives at risk.

Nearly 100 Construction Workers Fatally Injured Each Week

According to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 4,679 workers were fatally injured on the job in 2014. On average, that amounts to approximately 90 deaths per week, or more than 13 deaths daily. Of those, only 17 percent are construction contractors.

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