By Timothy Tomasik

truck accident lawsuit, Illinois personal injury attorneysAny type of motor vehicle accident can be upsetting; however, accidents that involve a passenger vehicle being struck by a large commercial truck or semi are especially traumatic. Truck accidents often leave the occupants of the passenger car with serious, life-threatening injuries requiring expensive medical treatment to correct. Those moments immediately following the collision with the truck are crucial: if you are not careful, you can say and do things which can make it significantly more difficult to recover compensation for your injuries and losses through a truck accident lawsuit.

Some of the more common ways injury victims sabotage their own chances for success in a truck accident lawsuit include:


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By Timothy Tomasik

trouble with truck accidents, Chicago personal injury lawyerAs a recent news story out of Pekin, Illinois illustrates, crashes and accidents between a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle and a car can result in life-threatening injuries to the car driver and occupants – regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident. However, the trouble with truck accidents does not stop there: where a truck accident occurs because of the carelessness or negligence of the truck driver, injury victims face a steep and difficult road before they are able to recover compensation for their injuries and losses. Having the assistance of experienced legal counsel does not eliminate these difficulties but it can reduce the impact these challenges have on the victim’s chances of recovering monetary damages.

What Makes Truck Accident Lawsuits Difficult?

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