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The cell reception at her West Chester home had been spotty. So after watching her three oldest children get onto the school bus at the end of her driveway, Jackie Collas dialed Verizon and asked about boosting the signal. It had been a harsh winter, and she worried about being able to reach 911 in an emergency.

After hanging up on that morning last February, she went to check on Curren, her 2-year-old.

She found him trapped and motionless beneath his overturned, five-drawer dresser. For how long, Collas couldn’t know. The mother began CPR, and was still trying to revive him when the paramedics arrived.


The nonprofit organization Kids in Danger (KID) recently released their November-December recall list which includes common items or toys that should be noted as possibly dangerous by public consumers. This month, the following children's products are being recalled:

Hello Kitty Whistles

Hazard: Choking and Aspiration


By Patrick Giese

Early this morning a small twin-engine plane reported engine problems and crashed into a neighborhood near Midway Airport in Chicago. The pilot of the plane radioed into Midway that he was experiencing engine problems on his way to Ohio State University Airport when he decided to turn around. Shortly after, the plane crashed into an elderly folk’s home on South Knox Avenue. Unfortunately, the pilot was found dead on the scene. The elderly couple, however, was not injured. Currently, the cause of the crash is unknown. Preliminary reports may be released this week, but a full report may not be available for six months to a year, according to an air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board.

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By Robert Geimer

We are aware of the mistakes. A patient with Ebola visiting from Liberia was misdiagnosed at a Texas hospital and released back into the community. Inadequate protective measures resulted in two nurses becoming infected. One of the infected nurses called the CDC to report a fever but nevertheless was allowed to board a commercial flight to visit family in Ohio. Fortunately, Ebola has yet to land in Illinois. However, if it does, given what we have learned from the mistakes made in Texas, there can be no excuses here in Illinois.

Our airports must have the ability to quickly quarantine a passenger suspected of having Ebola. Our hospitals must adequately train staff to screen patients for Ebola and to have protocols in place for what to do when a patient is thought to potentially be positive. This includes proper training, practice, equipment, supplies and leadership. As someone who is called after the fact to investigate how medical tragedies happen, I can attest to the fact that lack of awareness and/or preparation is an all-too common theme. Every hospital in Illinois, from the largest academic medical center to the smallest community hospital, must be ready in case Ebola arrives at its doorstep. Not just loose preparation, but real readiness.


By Shawn Kasserman

Recently, a double-decker Megabus traveling from Atlanta to Chicago was involved in a rollover crash, injuring at least 26 people.  According to the bus driver, in the early morning hours, he tried to avoid an accident and overcorrected his steering. The bus flipped on its side and over the median of I-65. One passenger shared that due to rainy weather conditions, the driver may have had limited visibility or that the driver swerved to avoid something.

The Chicago area is serviced by companies like Megabus, including Greyhound, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and Pace Bus Company. Though public transportation offers a convenient and cost-effective way to travel, passenger bus accidents are all too common. Due to the size of buses, injuries involved can be minor to serious, life-threatening matters. The consequences of a bus accident injury can be devastating, so it is crucial to take action to ensure your rights are protected.

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