Crane Accidents Caused by Construction Negligence Can Have Catastrophic Consequences

 Posted on May 10, 2016 in Construction Accidents

crane accidents, Chicago construction accident lawyersThe use of power equipment and heavy machinery have enabled faster, easier work for construction companies, which has, in turn, increased their profits and productivity. Unfortunately, foreman, subcontractors, and other responsible individuals still cut corners, fail to follow all safety regulations, and put both workers and the general public at risk. Construction crane accidents can especially dangerous and often have catastrophic consequences, yet they remain one of the most common types of construction accidents in the United States.

Crane Accidents Occur at an Alarming Rate

In the United States, approximately 125,000 cranes are currently being used in the construction industry. Another 80,000-100,000 cranes are thought to be in use in the general and maritime industries. All of them are regulated with rules regarding when and how they should be operated and secured; yet collapses still happen at an alarming rate.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 400 crane accidents were reviewed and investigated over the course of five years. In total, those accidents resulted in 354 fatalities, which averages out to approximately 71 deaths per year. And, in just one year (1987), the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS) found that at least 1,000 injuries could be traced back to crane and hoisting equipment accidents.

Contributing Factors and Causes

When it comes to why crane accidents happen, a number of factors are at play. One of the biggest contributors is that contractors, subcontractors, foreman, and equipment managers often fail to ensure cranes and other hoisting equipment undergo proper or frequent inspections and maintenance. Another major problem is that crane operators are not always adequately trained to operate the equipment. As a result, cranes may come into contact with power lines, overturn, collapse, or suffer from a mechanical error. Because of their sheer size, any one of these accidents can affect a multitude of people, but it is workers nearby that are at the greatest risk for death or injury.

When Construction Negligence Causes Serious Worker Injury or Death

Every day, construction workers put their lives on the line. When that life is lost or severely impacted because of negligence, short cuts, or oversight of those in charge, provisions under the law can help families recover damages for medical bills, missed time from work, loss of life, or other damages. Unfortunately, this area of the law is constantly changing and extremely complex. As such, victims and their families should seek experienced legal help from a qualified attorney.

The Chicago, IL construction negligence attorneys at Tomasik Kotin Kasserman can help. Experienced and knowledgeable in this highly complex area of the law, we are just as committed to achieving justice as you or your loved was at getting the job done. Get the representation you deserve. Call 312-605-8800 and schedule your free initial consultation today.


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