Another Megabus Accident Injures 19

 Posted on April 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

For the fourth time since October, a Chicago-based Megabus was involved in an accident early this morning in Indiana, sending 19 passengers to the hospital. The accident occurred in the southbound lanes of Interstate 65 south of Indianapolis, according to reports, and was caused when the double-decker Megabus could not slow quickly enough to avoid a stopped semi-truck. The impact created a chain-reaction which subsequently included two additional passenger vehicles. The driver of the truck and the other vehicles were uninjured.

The Megabus was en route from Chicago to Atlanta at the time of the accident and authorities have not yet announced if charges are pending against the bus driver. Investigations into the crash remain underway, as the bus will undergo inspections to determine if mechanical problems played a role in the accident. A spokesman for the bus company stated that with safety as a priority, Megabus is providing full cooperation to authorities throughout their investigation.

Personal injury attorney Daniel Kotin, however, is not convinced. “Megabus touts its safety record,” he said, “But with the number of cases that we’ve had against them and the news about a Megabus crash every few months, it makes you wonder about the hiring, training, and maintenance of their personnel and fleet.” Attorney Kotin has experience litigating all types of injury cases like Megabus accidents, including a successful settlement of over $5 million for the family of man who was killed by a Megabus while crossing a street in Chicago.

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