Study Shows that Doctors Focusing on Computers Rather Than Patients During Visits Is Harmful

 Posted on May 01, 2019 in Medical Malpractice

Chicago medical malpractice lawyer lack of empathyBy Tim Tomasik

Everyone expects to receive quality medical care when they see a doctor or go to the hospital, but one aspect of medical treatment that is often overlooked is the manner in which doctors interact with patients. In many cases, overworked doctors may feel that they do not have the time to offer a kind word to their patients and give them the extra emotional attention that lets them know that their needs are being met. However, a recent study has demonstrated the importance of compassion, and a doctor who neglects to provide their patients with the proper care and attention may actually be causing them harm.

Study Finds That Compassion From Doctors Is Important For Patient Health

Some doctors have been known to experience “burnout” after many years of providing medical care to patients. Two doctors at Cooper University Health Care recently conducted a study to address this and find a way to help improve both doctor well-being and patient care. In their new book Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference, they describe how they found that when doctors and other health care providers take the time to connect with their patients emotionally, it not only improved patient outcomes, but it also decreased overall medical costs. In fact, the study even found that doctors who took extra time to demonstrate compassion felt that they had more overall time to care for patients.

Empathy is a crucial part of medical care, and this study shows that it is not just something that makes the often unpleasant process of medical treatment more bearable. Rather, it can make a significant difference in a patient’s response to their treatment and improve overall health for both patients and doctors.

An additional study found that doctors’ attitudes when treating patients often plays a role in how patients react physically to the treatment they receive. This study compared patients who had a doctor that treated them warmly and made eye contact and patients who had a doctor who was cold, remote, and more focused on a computer screen than on the patient. Patients felt better overall when they were treated empathetically, which demonstrates the importance of doctors focusing on the people they treat and providing them with the compassion they deserve.

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