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By Robert Geimer

In a story that will make your blood boil, a toddler with brain damage and his entire family have been banned from receiving medical care by the 600 doctors that provide most of the medical care in Oklahoma, all because the child brought a lawsuit for what caused him to be brain damaged in the first place:

"Toddler with cerebral palsy allegedly denied medical care by more than 600 doctors," News Channel 4 (KFOR)

To punish this special needs child and his family by denying essential medical care is beyond the pale. I hope the good people of Oklahoma don’t tolerate this and stand up for this family.

By Patrick Giese

personal injury lawsuit, Chicago personal injury attorneyMany online articles focus on the substance of the law: identifying the elements of a particular cause of action or describing how a certain legal defense operates. As important as this information is, there is a factor more basic and fundamental to every lawsuit that can have a profound impact on your lawsuit’s chance of success: the place where you choose to file your lawsuit. In other words, the specific court you choose to hear your personal injury lawsuit (called the “venue”) can have as significant of an impact on your lawsuit’s chances for success as can choosing the right witnesses and making sure you have sufficient evidence to prove the claims of your lawsuit.

What is Venue? 

“Venue” describes what court or courts would be most appropriate to hear a particular lawsuit. Although venue is a concept closely related to jurisdiction and the two are often discussed in conjunction with one another, venue is different from jurisdiction (which discusses what court has the power to hear a particular case). It is not uncommon for multiple courts to have venue as a court may be considered an appropriate place to hear a particular dispute if:


The law firm Tomasik Kotin Kasserman filed an Amended Complaint today adding Pentax Medical, the manufacturer of a medical instrument, as a defendant in a lawsuit pending against Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois related to the outbreak of the “superbug” CRE in 2013.

Donna Pirolli was a patient at Lutheran General Hospital on June 25, 2013 and underwent a procedure during which a duodenoscope was inserted into her stomach through her mouth. Because the duodenoscope had not been properly cleaned, Donna Pirolli became infected with the antibiotic-resistant “superbug” carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). A lawsuit has been proceeding in the Circuit Court of Cook County on behalf of Ms. Pirolli alleging that Lutheran General Hospital was negligent in failing to adequately clean the duodenoscope after using it on another patient before inserting it in Pirolli.

During the same time period that Donna Pirolli was infected, approximately 43 other Lutheran General patients contracted CRE during these procedures. Since 2013, CRE infections from similar duodenoscopes have occurred in many states across the country, including, most recently, at UCLA Medical Center in California. Last week, the FDA issued a safety alert warning that the complex design of these duodenoscopes may prevent effective cleaning.

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