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Thousands of children are born every day in hospitals across the United States. However, while doctors and nurses are usually well-prepared to deal with the procedures and complications involved in labor and delivery, mistakes during childbirth are not uncommon. These errors can cause permanent injuries to both mothers and children, and they may even lead to a patient's wrongful death.

The attorneys of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC understand the emotional devastation that families experience when birth injuries occur because of medical negligence, as well as the long-term financial impact and the life-long health complications that can result. We are dedicated to helping our clients receive the full and fair compensation they deserve in these cases.

Common Medical Malpractice Birth Injuries

Medical personnel have a duty of care that must be provided to patients. They must meet the proper standards of care, following accepted medical practices that a competent doctor or nurse would follow in a similar situation. These standards are especially important during labor and delivery, as failing to properly monitor the condition of the mother or child or failing to promptly respond to changes in their conditions can seriously endanger patients. Some common injuries experienced during birth include:

  • Brain injuries - A baby may suffer brain trauma if improper procedures or tools are used during delivery. Oxygen deprivation (known as hypoxia) can also cause harm to the brain, and it can occur if there are complications such as a prolapsed umbilical cord or untreated infections, or if medications for inducing labor were not used properly. Infant brain injuries can lead to cerebral palsy, a permanent muscle disorder.
  • Brachial plexus injuries - A baby may experience excessive pressure on their head, neck, and shoulders (known as shoulder dystocia) if a doctor uses tools such as forceps or vacuum extractors incorrectly. This can lead to Erb's palsy, which can cause paralysis of the arms and hands.
  • Lung injuries - If doctors or nurses do not properly monitor a baby's breathing and heart rate, they may not recognize and treat issues that can damage the child's lungs, such as meconium aspiration.
  • Preeclampsia - High blood pressure in a pregnant mother can lead to a number of serious complications, including detached placenta, stroke, seizures, organ failure, and cardiovascular disease. Mothers and children can both be seriously harmed or die if a doctor fails to diagnose and address this issue.
  • Broken bones - The use of excessive force during delivery can lead to fractures of the baby's collarbone, arms, or legs. Skull fractures are another serious risk, and they can lead to hemorrhaging, swelling in the brain, and brain damage.
  • Infections - Medical staff should take extra care to ensure that infants are not infected with dangerous germs, bacteria, or viruses following delivery. Failure to prevent, diagnose, or treat infections can cause serious risks to a baby's health and well-being.

Contact an Illinois Birth Injury Lawyer

At TKK, we are dedicated to ensuring that those who are injured because of others' negligence achieve justice and receive full compensation for their damages. In birth injury cases, these damages can be extensive, since they often involve life-long disabilities that have a serious financial impact on a family. If you or your child have been harmed by the negligence of doctors or nurses during birth, schedule a free consultation with our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys by calling 312-605-8800.

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