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Surgery is often necessary to treat medical conditions, but these procedures can be dangerous, and complications often occur that threaten a patient's health. However, while some level of risk is expected during surgery, patients should expect that medical staff will act competently and provide the correct care. When a surgeon, assistant, or nurse acts negligently and makes mistakes during a procedure, this can lead to serious injuries, and victims of medical malpractice should be sure to understand their options for pursuing compensation for their damages.

At Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC, we understand the effects that surgical errors can have on a person and their family, and we work to ensure that negligent surgeons or other medical personnel are held responsible for the harm that they have caused. We are dedicated to achieving justice for injured patients and helping them receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Common Surgical Errors

Unfortunately, surgical mistakes are more common than many people expect. In fact, more than 4,000 preventable surgical errors are committed every year in the United States. Some common forms of surgical malpractice include:

  • Wrong site errors - Surgical procedures may be performed on the wrong part of the body. This often involves operating on the incorrect arm or leg or on the wrong level of the spine. These errors may occur because of incorrect patient records or because medical staff failed to follow proper checklists when preparing for a procedure.
  • Wrong procedure errors - If a different type of surgery is performed than what was actually intended, this can cause a great deal of harm, since the patient will not only need to recover from unnecessary surgery, their original condition will not have been properly treated.
  • Wrong patient errors - A surgical procedure intended for one patient may be performed on another patient. This may occur if patients have similar names or simply because of errors on the part of hospital staff.
  • Foreign objects left in the body - Surgeons use a variety of tools during a procedure, and all of these objects should be accounted for. If objects such as clamps or sponges are left inside the body, this can lead to dangerous infections and ongoing pain.
  • Anesthesiology errors - Proper anesthesia is essential for handling a patient's pain, but if it is administered incorrectly or if a patient is not properly monitored, it can lead to further injuries and even death.
  • Failure to address complications - There are many factors that must be addressed during surgery, and if the medical staff does not respond correctly to the changes or complications that occur, the procedure can ultimately do more harm than good. Failure to address excessive bleeding or monitor a patient's breathing and oxygen levels may lead to further injuries.

Contact an Illinois Surgical Negligence Attorney

Doctors and medical staff are required to meet a certain standard of care during surgical procedures, and failure to do so can cause a great deal of harm to a patient. Errors that result from carelessness, distraction, improper preparation, lack of training, or failure to follow proper procedures are all forms of negligence, and victims have the right to pursue compensation for the injuries they suffer as a result. At TKK, we work with injured patients to help them receive the financial compensation they deserve. Contact us at 312-605-8800 to arrange a free consultation and learn how we can help.

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