Illinois Attorney for Chicago Housing Authority Injuries

Illinois Attorney for Chicago Housing Authority Injuries

Lawyers Assisting With Public Housing Injuries in Cook County

For many low-income families, public housing provides them with a place to live, along with other essential services. The Chicago Housing Authority houses over 63,000 families throughout Cook County. However, due to their lack of income and financial resources, these residents may not know where to turn if they are injured because of CHA negligence. In these cases, it is essential to work with a skilled personal injury attorney.

At Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC, we are passionate about pursuing justice for those who have been wronged by someone's negligence. We provide dedicated representation for injury victims, no matter their income level or financial resources. We also work to improve public safety by advocating for laws and policies which will help protect people from being injured in the future.

Injuries Caused By CHA Negligence

While public housing is meant to meet the needs of those who struggle to make ends meet, negligence on the part of the Chicago Housing Authority or landlords who accept Housing Choice Vouchers can lead to serious injuries for residents of these properties. Some forms of negligence that may lead to injuries for public housing residents include:

  • Improper maintenance - While a property should be kept in good repair, there are many cases in which the CHA fails to correct hazards, perform proper inspections, or maintain a property. People may be injured by faulty elevators, broken stairways, or collapsing ceilings or balconies. Cracked sidewalks or damage to other walking surfaces can cause slip and fall injuries. Failure to maintain smoke alarms can lead to burn injuries, property damage, or wrongful death in a fire.
  • Inadequate security - Unfortunately, many low-income areas are prone to criminal activity, so it is important to ensure that residents' safety is protected. People may suffer assaults or robberies if the proper locks and deadbolts are not provided in their apartments. Inadequate lighting or improper maintenance of landscaping can lead to dangerous locations where people are likely to be mugged or assaulted. The CHA is required to take steps to address known issues that can affect residents' safety, and they may be held responsible for injuries which occur because of their failure to do so.
  • Toxic substances - In many cases, public housing properties are older buildings, and they may contain hazards that can affect residents' health. Issues such as lead paint or asbestos can cause serious medical conditions such as lung cancer. Residents with children are especially likely to be concerned about these risks, and the CHA may be held responsible for injuries which occur because of their failure to correct these dangerous conditions.

Contact a Chicago Section 8 Housing Injury Lawyer

Everyone deserves to live in a safe environment. Sadly, some of the most vulnerable members of society are at risk of serious injury due to the negligence of those who are meant to provide for their needs. If you have been injured while living in public housing, the attorneys of TKK will investigate your situation, gather evidence to demonstrate negligence on the part of CHA or your landlord, and work to ensure that you receive the compensation that fully addresses the damages you have suffered. To learn more about how we can help, contact us at 312-605-8800 to schedule a free consultation.

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