Illinois Dangerous Children's Products Lawyer

Illinois Dangerous Children's Products Lawyer

Attorneys Assisting With Child Injuries From Defective Toys or Cribs in Chicago

Children's health and safety is a top priority for any parent. Moms and dads work hard to ensure that the proper protective measures are in place in their home and that all the products they use will keep children safe. Unfortunately, negligence on the part of product manufacturers may result in children's products being dangerous, and children can be seriously injured as a result. In these cases, it is essential to work with a skilled personal injury lawyer to determine how to recover compensation.

The product liability attorneys of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC are dedicated to pursuing justice for those who have been harmed by others' negligence. Founding partner Shawn Kasserman currently serves as president of Kids In Danger (KID), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children's product safety. Shawn has been committed to KID's mission since the early days of the organization. In 1999, he served as counsel to co-founders Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar in their lawsuit against the manufacturer and licensor of the portable crib that killed their son, Danny.

Shawn and the rest of the attorneys at TKK understand the devastating effects that child injuries can have on a family, and we will fight to ensure that product manufacturers are held responsible for the harm they have caused.

Dangerous and Defective Products Used By Children

Products intended for use by children or which are meant to protect children's safety should be rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe. Unfortunately, the desire to reduce costs and increase profits often leads manufacturers to bring products to the market that are defective or dangerous. Some products that commonly cause injuries to children include:

  • Toys - Children may be at risk of choking if toys contain small parts or long strings. Toys with faulty wiring or which are made of flammable materials can cause burn injuries. Children may also be injured by sharp edges or toxic substances such as lead paint.
  • Infant products - Bottles, nipples, pacifiers, or teething rings may be made from toxic materials such as BPA or phthalates, or defects in these products can lead to choking. Infants can also be harmed by defective changing tables, baby slings, swings, or high chairs.
  • Cribs and playpens - The railings on drop-side cribs may break or become loose, and this can cause suffocation or fall injuries. Infants and toddlers may also be injured by playpens that collapse or fail to provide the proper protection.
  • Bunk beds - A bed that has design defects or is not constructed properly can collapse, causing crushing or fall injuries.
  • Car seats - Child safety seats are intended to protect children if a car accident occurs. A faulty car seat may release unexpectedly, or it may cause choking injuries.
  • Trampolines - Backyard trampolines can be dangerous even when used properly, but tears in fabric or defective springs can lead to serious harm to children, including broken bones or brain injuries.
  • Playground equipment - Children can suffer fall injuries or other damages because of defective or improperly maintained playgrounds. If injuries occurred at a public park or a school, a government entity may be liable for damages.

Contact a Chicago Product Liability Lawyer

Injuries to children can have a devastating impact on a family. Children may need long-term medical care and rehabilitation, they may require special educational needs, and modifications to the home may be necessary to address any disabilities. At TKK, we will work to hold negligent parties responsible for the harm done to your family, ensuring that you have the financial resources that will meet your children's needs. To schedule a free consultation with our attorneys, contact our office at 312-605-8800.

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