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While people who live in the United States expect to be relatively safe from harm in our daily lives, we are often exposed to dangers without even realizing it. Toxic substances can be an invisible threat, and exposure to harmful chemicals, contagions, or other dangerous materials can have a huge impact on a person's long-term health. In many cases, this exposure occurs because a company or person was aware of the danger, yet chose to allow it to continue. When people are harmed by this type of negligence, they deserve to pursue compensation from those who were responsible.

The skilled personal injury attorneys of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC are highly experienced in toxic tort cases. We are dedicated to achieving justice for those who have been harmed by toxic substances, and we work to enhance public safety by ensuring that negligent parties are held responsible and improving public policy to prevent these types of injuries from occurring in the future.

Types of Toxic Tort Cases

Injuries from toxic substances can occur in a wide variety of situations, including:

  • Work-related injuries - Workers in certain industries are at risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals or other harmful substances as part of their everyday work. Construction workers are especially at risk of exposure to asbestos, corrosive chemicals, or carcinogens. When employers fail to provide workers with the proper protective measures or training, they may be held responsible for the injuries that occur as a result.
  • Dangerous products - Product manufacturers are required to follow regulations that protect consumer safety, but they often fail to meet these requirements and allow products to be sold that contain harmful substances. Examples include toys that contain lead paint, weed-killers that contain cancer-causing chemicals, and household products that contain mercury.
  • Food Poisoning - The manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of food products may be held responsible if these products are sold to consumers after being contaminated with harmful chemicals or pathogens.
  • Premises liability - Property owners must ensure that their premises are safe for people to use, and failure to address dangers presented by toxic chemicals or substances can be considered negligence. For example, a landlord who failed to remove asbestos or lead paint from a property may be held liable for the injuries these substances caused to the property's residents.
  • Toxic chemical exposure in the environment - Environmental regulations prevent companies from releasing harmful chemicals into the air or water. However, companies often fail to follow these regulations, creating conditions that endanger the general public and cause serious, long-term health risks to the community.

Contact a Chicago Toxic Substance Injury Attorney

Injuries from toxic substances often involve not just immediate physical harm, but long-lasting or slowly developing conditions such as cancer or lung disease. The financial impact that these injuries can have on a family can be devastating, requiring costly medical care, impacting one's ability to earn an income, and causing a great deal of pain and suffering. When these injuries are caused by the negligence of a company or individual, victims should receive compensation that fully addresses the harm they have experienced.

At TKK, we understand the massive impact toxic chemicals and substances can have on a family, and we are committed to helping our clients pursue the compensation they deserve from the parties responsible for their injuries. Contact us today at 312-605-8800 to arrange a free consultation.

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