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Semi-trailer trucks are massive vehicles, and truck drivers must take extreme care to ensure that they do not endanger other drivers. This includes accounting for inclement weather, which can affect anyone's ability to drive safely but is especially dangerous for large commercial trucks. If you have been injured in a truck accident which occurred during poor weather, a skilled attorney can help you determine your options for pursuing compensation.

At Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC, our personal injury lawyers have a great deal of knowledge and experience in truck accident cases, and we will work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We are dedicated to holding negligent truck drivers and trucking companies responsible for the damages that result from dangerous truck collisions.

Weather-Related Factors in Truck Crashes

Trucking regulations require truck drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving in hazardous weather conditions, including slowing down to a safe speed or completely stopping until weather allows them to operate their vehicles safely. Unfortunately, trucking companies often encourage drivers to ignore these regulations in order to deliver cargo as quickly as possible, and this endangers everyone on the road. Other safety issues, such as driver fatigue, alcohol or drug use, equipment failure, or speeding, can become even more hazardous during poor weather.

Some weather conditions that can make it difficult for truck drivers to drive safely include:

  • Rain - Wet pavement increases the distance needed for a truck to slow down come to a complete stop, and if a truck driver does not reduce their speed in wet or rainy conditions, they may be unable to avoid colliding with another vehicle. Improperly maintained truck tires can result in a driver losing control of their truck on a wet road.
  • Snow and ice - Cold temperatures during winter weather can make roads very slick. Due to the reduced visibility that can occur during a snowstorm, truck drivers may be unable to see "black ice," and they are more likely to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Wind - The large surface area of semi-truck trailers makes them susceptible to strong winds, which can cause a truck to move unexpectedly and even lead to rollover accidents.
  • Fog - Low visibility is especially dangerous for commercial truck drivers, and during foggy or misty conditions, they should greatly reduce their speed or avoid driving altogether until they are able to drive safely.
  • Thunderstorms - Bright flashes of lightning and loud crashes of thunder can prove to be fatal distractions for truck drivers, especially when they are fatigued. Storms are also likely to reduce visibility, causing drivers to be unable to react in time to avoid other vehicles.

Contact Our Kane County Truck Collision Attorneys

At TKK, we understand the devastation that truck accidents can cause, and we will work to help you recover compensation by demonstrating negligence on the part of truck drivers and trucking companies. We can help determine whether a trucking company did not provide the proper training for driving in bad weather conditions or whether a truck driver exceeded their allowed driving hours, causing them to be unable to operate their vehicle safely in poor weather.

You deserve to be fully compensated for truck accident injuries, and you may be able to recover damages that include the costs of medical care, the income lost because of missed work, and the pain and suffering inflicted on you and your family. To schedule a free consultation with our attorneys, contact our office today by calling 312-605-8800.

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