Developing Story: “Substantiated Allegations” Against 13 Adults Related to Sexual Misconduct at Chicago Public School

District officials from the Chicago Public Schools held a news conference this morning to announce that the district’s inspector general has substantiated allegations against more than a dozen adults at a single school involving sexual misconduct. According to reports, 12 employees and one adult volunteer have been relieved of their duties under suspicion that they committed or helped to cover up multiple sexual relationships between some of the adults and students at the school over the last five years. Ten of the adults have already been fired or are in the process of being terminated.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Pedro Martinez indicated that the investigation into the alleged misconduct was prompted by an anonymous phone call in 2019, but the district’s central office officials were unaware of the true scope of the alleged behavior until just last month. Martinez told reporters, “One [staff member] had a sexual relationship with a student. One groomed a student and began a sexual relationship with the student immediately after the student graduated.” Another staff member allegedly sexually harassed a student and then retaliated against the student. Six of the adults allegedly knew of the relationships and behavior and did nothing to report it. According to attorney Katherine Twardak, if these allegations are true, “those adults who knew about this behavior but did nothing were mandated reporters who were required by Illinois law to report these illegal acts. That failure to report the illegal allowed the abuse of children to continue.”

The inspector general’s full report is due to be released to district officials in the near future. In addition, a letter was sent to all district parents informing them about the investigation and the allegations.

Legal Help is Available

Here at Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC, we understand how devastating sexual abuse is for all victims—most especially for young people who are abused by adults. We are committed to helping victims find the support and care they need and to seek justice under the law.

Recently, Attorneys Daniel Kotin and Katherine Twardak obtained a $1.6 million settlement for an adolescent victim who was groomed and abused by a teacher at the victim’s Lake County school. The plaintiff there alleged that the school failed to provide sufficient training for teachers and staff related to mandated reporting and recognizing signs of grooming and sexual abuse.

If your child has been sexually abused by a teacher or anyone else in a position of authority, or by another student, we can help you take appropriate action. Contact one of our experienced, compassionate attorneys to discuss your situation in a confidential consultation.


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