TKK Seeking Judgment for Breach of Contract by Mu Sigma Inc.


TKK attorney, Timothy Tomasik, is representing a former employee of Mu Sigma Inc., suing the business and the company’s founder for breach of contract. TKK filed the complaint on March 29, 2017, in the Cook County court system, stating that the company and its founder failed to issue stock certificates to the plaintiff upon his purchased of shares.

The plaintiff, Rangan Bandyopadhyay, claims that the defendant was obligated under a contract to deliver 3,334 shares of stock to him. The plaintiff states that he paid for the stocks, but instead of completing the sale under the terms of the contract, the company repurchased the stocks from the plaintiff in violation of their contract. The plaintiff, through his representation at TKK, is seeking damages against Mu Sigma Inc. for the worth of the stocks, interest accrued, and court costs.

The plaintiff’s suit also states that the company’s founder failed to uphold his fiduciary duty to act in the plaintiff's best interest as a shareholder when the defendant failed to complete contractual obligations. The plaintiff claims that breach of contract and unjust enrichment occurred. He also states that the founder acted tortuously regarding the execution of the terms of the contract.

Mr. Bandyopadhyay has trusted the trial lawyers at TKK to take this case to trial to and seek a judgment against both the founder and Mu Sigma Inc. for amounts due and interest, court costs, and any relief the court deems appropriate.

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