Chicago Daycare Injury Lawyer

Chicago Daycare Injury Lawyer

Attorneys For Injuries to Children at Schools or Daycare Centers in Chicago, Illinois

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your children are safe at all times. However, there are many situations in which you will need to leave your children in the care of someone else, and this requires you to place a great deal of trust in these caretakers. When a provider fails to live up to this level of trust, and children are injured as a result, you may wonder where to turn for help. In cases involving injuries which occurred at a school or daycare center, it is essential to work with an experienced lawyer.

The premises liability attorneys of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC understand the legal issues involved in injuries which occur at schools and daycare, and we can help you pursue compensation from all negligent parties. We are committed to achieving justice for the families of children who suffer injuries, and we work to improve public safety by ensuring that negligent providers are held responsible for the harm they have caused.

Daycare Injury Cases

Due to the high level of care needed to ensure that young children are safe, daycare centers are required to follow strict standards, including providing a safe facility, ensuring proper supervision at all times, and performing background checks for all employees. Some forms of negligence that can result in injuries at child care facilities include:

  • Improper supervision - Providers should pay close attention to children at all times. If they fail to do so, children may be harmed by choking on food or small objects, playing with dangerous items, or wandering into unsafe areas.
  • Negligent maintenance - Failure to provide a safe environment can result in injuries such as slips and falls on wet floors, poisoning from toxic chemicals, or brain damage from items which fall from unsecured shelves.
  • Neglect - Children may be injured if a provider fails to meet their needs, including changing diapers, administering medication, and providing food and drinks.
  • Abuse - Sadly, many children are victims of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse by daycare providers. In these cases, an employer may be held liable if they did not perform background checks on employees or failed to respond to complaints about employee behavior.

School Injury Liability

Cases in which children were injured at school or while participating in school activities can be complex, since the requirements for demonstrating liability are often more strict. Public schools are government institutions that are immune from some kinds of liability, and in most cases, they can only be held liable if "willful and wanton" conduct occurred. This means that a plaintiff will need to demonstrate that there was a reckless disregard for children's safety or a deliberate intent to cause harm. Situations in which it may be possible to hold a school liable for child injuries include:

  • Proper protective equipment was not provided to children during science experiments.
  • Playground equipment that was known to be defective was not repaired properly.
  • A school did not take steps to address bullying or other threats to children's safety.
  • A gym teacher or coach allowed a child to continue participating in activities after suffering an athletic injury.

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At TKK, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve justice for the harm caused by negligent schools or daycare centers. If your child has been injured, our lawyers will work to demonstrate liability and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us at 312-605-8800 to schedule your free consultation.

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