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By Timothy S. Tomasik

When a generic prescription drug causes injury to a patient – even permanent neurological injury or death – the patient cannot sue the maker of the generic drug, even if the patient could have sued had he or she been administered the name brand drug instead.

Why Are Generic Drug Manufacturers Essentially Immune From Suit? 


The nonprofit organization Kids in Danger (KID) recently released their November-December recall list which includes common items or toys that should be noted as possibly dangerous by public consumers. This month, the following children's products are being recalled:

Hello Kitty Whistles

Hazard: Choking and Aspiration


By: Patrick Giese

September 11th victims' fund attorney Kenneth Feinberg has summarized a plan to compensate victims of the defective ignition switch that was installed in 2.6 million vehicles by General Motors. This plan could speed up payments to the victims without forcing them to sue G.M. Attorney Feinberg's report describes that families of anyone injured or killed by the faulty ignition switch would receive at least $1 million.

The monetary amount a family or a victim receives is based of the victim's lifetime earning potential and if they had a surviving spouse and/or children. Though there is no cap to the amount of money G.M. would pay under Attorney Feinberg's plan, those seeking compensation will have to provide sufficient evidence that the faulty ignition switch was a primary factor in the cause of death or injury.

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