Yale Physician Accused of Removing Wrong Body Part and Trying to Cover it Up

 Posted on April 08, 2016 in Medical Malpractice

physician removing wrong body part, Chicago medical malpractice lawyerNow considered the third leading cause of death in the United States, preventable medical mistakes are trumped only by cancer and heart disease. Mistakes that cause harm, serious injury, or unnecessary stress are also extremely prevalent. Yet regulations, lawmakers, and even the doctors and hospitals themselves fail to take action or accountability. One woman, who allegedly had the wrong rib removed during a surgery at Yale hospital, had just this sort of an experience when the doctor reportedly tried to cover up his mistake instead of apologizing.

About the Surgery

According to court documents filed in Connecticut Superior Court, the 60-year-old woman had needed surgery to remove her eighth rib because of a precancerous lesion. This rib had reportedly been marked with metal coils and dye to ensure a successful surgery. Unfortunately, the woman’s seventh rib was removed instead and, instead of performing an X-ray immediately after surgery or contacting the patient to apologize when the mistake was discovered, the woman allegedly had to visit the hospital herself when she continued to experience pain.

As reported by CNN, the woman received an X-ray when she returned to the hospital, complaining of pain. The assistant surgeon reportedly told her and her husband that the wrong rib had been removed but then, just five minutes later, the operating surgeon allegedly told the couple that they had not removed enough of the rib and that another surgery would be needed to “complete” the process. To make matters worse, the couple specifically requested that the original surgeon not be a part of the second surgery; hospital records show that he was.

Patient versus Doctor

In a statement to CNN, Yale hospital claims that the mistake was both acknowledged and apologized for; the woman says no such apology never occurred and that, instead of acknowledging the mistake, the doctor tried to cover it up. This, in and of itself, shows just how broken the medical field really is. But when you also account for the added risk of a second surgery and just how badly it could have gone, it becomes clear that the system is not just broken; it can be lethal.

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