FDA Warns That Hyland’s Teething Tablets Present Serious and Fatal Health Risks to Babies

CHICAGO, IL, MAY 8, 2017

By Timothy S. Tomasik

Hyland's teeting tablets, Chicago personal injury lawyer In a recent letter, the FDA laid out serious and strong warnings and statements about Hyland’s dangerous teething products in a recall letter. The FDA in its letter to Hyland emphasized that “FDA action is necessary to protect the public health and welfare” and that the teething tables “represent a serious health hazard,” directing that Hyland immediately initiate a recall of all lots. The FDA stated that the labeling is “false or misleading” and that a Class I recall was necessary because “there is a reasonable probability that with use will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.”

Experts have agreed that these statements by the FDA are the most serious and striking that they have seen since the Vioxx recall. Initially, Hyland shockingly refused to issue a recall and protect children using their products. Finally, Hyland took action to remove products from retailers around the county.

Tragically, many infants have suffered seizures or died due to this dangerous product. Contrary to justice, many of these deaths were attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but now many believe many of these babies did not die as a result of SIDS, but rather from the use of Hyland’s Teething Tablets.

Tomasik Kotin Kasserman is investigating the unacceptable culture of indifference at Hyland in an effort to bring justice to the unfortunate families that have lost a baby due to these deadly and dangerous teething tablets.

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